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The SUM3D Dental solution has been engineered to meet the needs of the operators of the sector, requiring a tool that is easy to use, flexible and offering high performance in a short time. The software can be used on any machine tool, from 3 to 5 axes, optimizing the investments already made by the customers.

One of the main features is the optimization of the machining time: each tooth needs really a short machining time. The time to learn the software is quantifiable in less than one hour. There are a few sequential commands, divided in two groups of icons, the first one for standard jobs and the second featuring the advanced commands. This is a real help for the operator which can be productive from the first moment. By means of simple steps, the operator gets the desired machining optimizing materials, time and costs of production.

The toolbar
is simple and intuitive: it guides the operator in the creation of the machine tool-path, following the icons from left to right. All the operations are driven to avoid any mistake of data input or command’s order.

Default parameters

By means of these series of parameters and prearrangements it is possible to customize the system to meet the personal needs. This allows to avoid doubts and misunderstandings, and to activate more advanced features
the second time.

The Default Parameters command is born to simplify the interface and the commands.

All these parameters allow to automate all the operations to arrange the elements ready for the milling. Therefore there are parameters relative to connectors’ dimension, to the pins, the PrepLine, the stock, the fixtures and the strategies. All is configured for the different materials and machines.

In these set of parameters there is also a lock that prevents changes in strategies: in case the system is used by non-skilled operators, it blocks changes in
the technological parameters’ machining.

New job

During the creation of a new job, SUM3D Dental prearranges all the geometric and technologic settings, on the basis of the material and machine to be used, allowing to create the working tool-paths by means of few additional choices.

Elements’ Import

SUM3D Dental
is independent from the scan system, therefore it is possible to import points, files of format STL, IGES, 3DM and STL of format: 3Shape©, Wieland©, Laserdenta©, Dentalwings©, OpenTechnology©, Evirsa© and Scansystem©.

It is possible to display the STL height, to set the shrink factor for the sintering and eventually to optimize the material thickness obtaining relevant savings.

By using commands "Thickness Optimization" and "Height Calculation", it is possible to set an angle to optimize the thickness of the elements in a disk with the lower possible thickness. The height calculation window consents to verify or modify the data for a better optimization, on the basis of the applied shrink factor.

During the import of one or more crowns/bridges the software moves the objects to avoid any overlapping. The curves of objects’ delimitation will be automatically re-calculated on the basis of what it has been imported and of its position.

During the import, some additional parts, essential for the machining, will be automatically created on the basis of the chosen object. For example, the containment curve’s offset, the connectors, the PrepLine, the curves for connectors’ cut, the axes of insertion for the Abutments, the curves to machine hexagons’ internal edges and the implants’ cylinder for the 5 axes drilling.

Once the crowns or the bridges to be milled are imported, the software consents the best placement in the stock (nesting) to optimize it. The stocks that are not fully used are archived as used stocks and they can be reused. The stocks obtained with the thickness optimization can be cut along the insertion axis or along the Z axis for additional material savings.

Strategies’ Import/Modification

SUM3D Dental
is open, this means that the user can use the available standard strategies, but it is also possible to create all the strategies on the basis of his experience and of the kind of machine. This allows to obtain better results in terms of time of machining, quality of the finished product and material savings.

The strategies for 5 axes re-machining are automatically generated on the basis of just one machining which can be repeated when necessary.

The open customization of strategies consents to use any kind of tool and to work any kind of material.

Stock’s Import/Management

SUM3D Dental
can import new or used stocks. The standard new stocks are available after the software setup, it is possible to create them with the dedicated command "Stock Creation " or during the import phase with the command "Create". While importing a used stock shrink factor will be automatically calculated.

In the import window are displayed: minimum stock heights on the basis of imported elements, the shrink factor and the stock’s code.

When placed all the elements in a disk it will be possible, with the dedicated command "Export used stock", to store the used stock for a further re-use.


SUM3D Dental allows the maximum optimization of the raw disk automatically positioning the imported items. During the import it also verifies the position of the items already present to avoid overlaps. The nesting is three-dimensional and it considers all the optimization set for the raw thickness.

The manual Nesting of the items is made by means of simple commands which allow the Z alignment, the manual translation and a fine rotation command.

The automatic Nesting can be run in a project with items that are already present, or during the items’ import.

SUM3D Dental manages the machining on multiple disks at the same time. During the stock loading, if configured in the default parameters, a placement coordinate is required.

Automatisms during the import

SUM3D Dental has been developed in co-operation with some of the most important milling centres of Europe. The result is a great simplicity of use, always required by the user or the client. SUM3D Dental is a true Computer Aided Manufacturing and it lets you manufacture all the jobs you need without being a CAD/CAM systems’ expert.

The Connector’s creation can be automatic or manual, on the basis of specific needs. The useless connectors can be deleted.

The connectors’ shape can be cylindrical, conical or rectangular.

Moving a crown or a bridge, the relative connections will follow the part they are hanged to.

Automatic partial or total connectors cut.

The connectors can be of three different colours: a green connector which can be fully cut, a red connector which can be partially cut and a grey connector which must be preserved. This allows to avoid a complete detachment of the items from the stock during the cut operations.

Possibility to separate the coupling margin, PrepLine, and apply a specific machining.

By setting the automatic PrepLine creation during the import, this machining will be automatically calculated.

Automatic detection and machining of the hexagons and their edges to avoid interference of coupling.

Interlock’s automatic detection and machining.

Automatic machining detection and setting of the models and extractable stumps.

Detection and management of  the "Simbiosi" "pre-milled" abutments. While importing this kind of abutment, SUM3D Dental recognizes it automatically, and the user is asked to set the position in the dedicated circular fixture supplied from "Simbiosi". The fixture allows to mill the drilled cylinders which will screw in the proper seats of the fixture itself. The number of positions ranges from 1 to 8.

"Stabilizer" insertion.
SUM3D Dental allows the automatic creation of the sintering stabilizer for large zirconium arches. The stabilizer can be automatically created during the model's import or manually by means of the dedicated command. SUM3D Dental will automatically set the right position and shape of the stabilizer and add it to the selected bridge. A plane support is added to the base to allow to set the arch vertically into the oven. In case the oven is not high enough to contain the arch in vertical position, you can add a few vertical connectors on one side of the stabilizer, and eventually one or more element of the bridge, to machine the arch in a way to allow the horizontal positioning in the oven. It is possible to create stabilizers for complete arches but also for smaller bridges.


SUM3D Dental automatically re-machines the undercuts, using 3, 4 or 5 axes strategies. In case of machines with 3 axes + 1 axis of rotation 0/180 degrees, SUM3D can remove the undercuts using lollipop tools 3/4 of sphere.

Example of 3 axes undercuts’ remachining with lollipop tool 3/4 of sphere

Example of 5 axes indexed remachining

Example of 5 axes continuous remachining

Thickness’ optimization

Using 4 or 5 axes machines, SUM3D Dental can optimize the stock thickness automatically rotating the crowns or the bridges on the basis of inserted parameters. All machinings will be automatically adjusted to the slope angles and in the same way the undercuts’ remachinings
will be calculated.

Example of automatic machining with four axis for the material thickness optimization

Example of 4 axes machining  with collision control between spindle and stock

Example of 4 and 5 axes machining of mixed elements

Abutment’s management

SUM3D Dental, during the import of an implant, automatically identifies and generates the cylinders (holes) with their angles and the axes of insertion. The cylinders’ diameter and height can be modified using the command "Modify holes dimension". The holes will be then automatically milled or drilled with 5 axes machining.

To avoid the machining inside the holes there is a command to close them to preserve the hole and avoid useless machinings.

Fixtures management and collisions’ control

SUM3D Dental can import any kind of machines’ fixtures. The fixtures, together with the stock, the piece and the tool’s components, are visually checked to automatically avoid the eventual collisions. The simulation generated with all the components allows the best optimization of machining. In case of collisions the system machines only the parts where none of the components is involved. The parts of the tool-path in collision (non-machined), are displayed in yellow.

Job’s management

SUM3D Dental allows to organize the jobs by means of reports for the production and the time calculation. With the optional SDS module it is possible to verify anytime the production and jobs’ history.

SUM3D Dental consents the creation of custom reports to print the drawing of a job with all the references to crowns, bridges or implants. In this way the daily production is well organized.

The command "Information" allows to analyse the parts of the drawing. For each crown, or bridge, it shows the name, the tilt angle, the thickness and the maximum angles around X and Y. The names or codes of each item can be graphically displayed by means of the F11 key.

SUM3D Dental can calculate the production time of an entire disk. In this way it is possible to manage the machine utilization and to verify the costs of production of each element.

To get precise times for each machine the time can be configured for: tool change, piece flip and a coefficient of regulation of working time. Besides for the feeds: rapid speed feed, XY speed feed, Z speed feed and other parameters available in the tools library.