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CAD for model design
Simple and fast model making


ModelManager is an application that helps the user to create a physical model using data from an intraoral scan or a dental impression scan.


Import and definition of the model type

During the import of the scanned object, ModelManager allows its definition as:

- Antagonist
- Preparation (master model)
- Reference (for alignments)
- General

Tools for mesh finishing

Several tools are available that allow the finishing of the meshes in a simple and fast method:
-Cutting and finishing of the meshes
-Closing of the triangles of the meshes and the holes
-Margin/Prep Line Detection
-Margin/Prep Lines creation and editing through selection of points

Model Creation with Implants

Complete management of the scan abutment and its interface:
-Identification of the scan abutment
-Replacement of implant interface
-Open libraries that are customizable
with encrypted copy protection.

Model positioning

The application allows for the correct positioning of the model:
Possibility to choose between different types of bases for models Positioning of the references to the definition of the height of the models even in occlusion, on your chosen base Export of performed work in .obj format that contain all reference information for the CAM calculation in SUM3D Dental.