A revolution within the dental laboratory

For 20 years, CIMsystem has specialized in the development and commercialization of advanced solutions for CAD/CAM in the most varied applications.

Constantly investing in the improvement of innovative technologies and keeping the existing ones up-to-date, CIMsystem is constantly maintaining a strong working relationship with customers. We strive on and taking care of their specific demands, with special attention to market changes. Customers choosing CIMsystem know they can count not only on high quality products, but also on a full service. This includes consulting, qualified training, after-sales assistance, and an international commercial network able to satisfy any requests.

The success of the developed applications has modified and widen the CIMsystem traditional market. Today the company has increased its customer base fivefold worldwide.

CIMsystem has offered for the past 10 years the CAD/CAM most innovative solutions for your dental laboratory.

CIMsystem has applied decades of experience in the development of new CAD/CAM solutions for the dental sector, thus creating products with a higher degree of technological content. This has led to the improvement in the quality of performance and operational efficiency.

CIMsystem milestones
2007 The intuition that has revolutionized the dental industry
2008 Birth of SUM3D Dental
2009 Sum3D Dental conquers Europe
2011 Interest comes from machine makers all around the world
2013 Cimsystem reaches the US and China
2015 Birth of Millbox
2017 Continuous innovation

CIMsystem understands the new needs of its customers. Those who use CAD/CAM systems now need flexible, high-performance, easy to use and less expensive tools. Thanks to the experience in the development of CAM applications for the Mechanical sector, CIMsystem responds to this need with a new product by developing the first version of SUM3D Dental, presented during the ExpoDental fair in Italy.

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SUM3D Dental is an application specifically developed for the dental industry. It is characterized by a wide range of features dedicated for dental technicians. SUM3D Dental is a real revolution in the field. It was born as a personalization of CAM Mechanical SUM3D. It incorporates the complete technology of machining and provides the user with the possibility to utilize a simplified path of production.

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With its first participation at the IDS in Cologne, SUM3D Dental lands in Europe arousing immediate interest not only from potential users, but also from producers of milling machines from all over Europe.

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The interest from producers of dental milling machines translate into OEM contracts: SUM3D Dental is provided as a milling application by the manufacturer along with the machine. In the same year the first licenses are sold in the United States, China and South Korea.

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Thanks to the continued growth in the number of distributed licenses and customers with requests from all around the world, CIMsystem invests in opening branches in the US and China. It is characterized by its own technical and commercial structure which is better able to support the territorial needs of its customers.

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At 2015 IDS in Cologne, MillBox is unveiled for the first time. The application stands out for a revolutionary graphic layout that allows intuitive use of all its unique features. Also usable on touch screens and featuring a few simple icons, the graphical user interface simplifies the nesting process and toolpath creation, optimizing time and costs.

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With more than 10,000 licenses and a close-knit team of over 50 people worldwide, CIMsystem continues the process of improving its software solutions and developing new applications for emerging technologies.

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