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we are pleased to show you the needed information to activate SUM3D Dental 2015.

When you receive (by email) an updated file with a name like  UKDFxxxx.LKD file, as xxxx is your dongle number,

you can proceed to update as follow:

1) This files must be saved in the SUM3D folder

2) Leave ONLY the SUM3D dongle on the Parallel or USB port.
    (You can connect other dongles at the end of this procedure)

3) Run SUM3D with a double click on the related icon on your desktop, or selecting it in the Start|Programs|SUM3D|Sum3D.

    SUM3D automatically search the mentioned update file and reprogram the dongle for the new version. 

4)  Exit from SUM3D.

5)  If the procedure has done correctly, the UKDFxxxx.LKD file is removed from the SUM3D folder. Please check if this is true.

Note: These steps will enable the dongle to the new version. It is understood that the software update should be done by downloading the update file from our website:

If you find any problems about this procedure, please contact our customer support at:  +39 - 02 - 87213185